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One of my goals at Ma & Paw Paws is to keep my clients and potential clients well informed on key topics I believe will better assist them in taking care of their fur babies and to keep them safe .

Based on this I will post and continue to post resourceful information and tips on this page.

If you have a suggestion for a tip or topic you would like to see us post on this page, please contact me.

Please check back often as I will continue to update this page frequently.

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Having puppy play dates can be an extremely powerful tool when raising your dog!

Puppy play dates help your pup get their energy out, learn proper dog-to-dog behavior, and so much more!

BUT, you've gotta make sure you do it right... and that's why we wrote this article 😉
Click Here to Read the "The Guide to Puppy Play Dates" Article
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Click Here to Read the "Why Do Dogs Eat Poop?" Article

Download & Printable Informational Articles

Blue-9 Balance Harness
Please support local businesses.
You can purchase the Blue-9 Balance Harness locally in CT:
WAGS- Wholesome Animal Grocery Store
70 E Main St,
Avon, CT 06001
(860) 675-4564

Download "Balance Harness.pdf"

Flirt Pole Guide

Download "Flirt Pole.pdf"

The #1 and #2 Common Injury Factors for Puppies

Download "The #1 and #2 Common Injury Factors for Puppies.pdf"

Gentle Leader Head Collar Fitting = Step by Step

Download "Gentle Leader Head Collar Fitting = Step by Step.pdf"

Potty Dog Bell Training 

Download "Dog Bell Training Article.pdf"

Dog Vaccinations-Pet MD

Download "DogVaccinations-PetMD-R2.pdf"

10 Top Tips to Teach Your Dog To Love Their Crate

Download "10 Tips to love the Crate.pdf"

12 Rules for Dog Safety 

Download "12 Rules for Dog Safety.pdf"

9 Annoying Dog Behaviors

Download "9 Annoying Dog Behaviors.pdf"

Separation Anxiety 

Download "Separation Anxiety.pdf"

Safety Tips For Dog Owners

Download "Safety Tips For Dog Owners.pdf"

Tips for Providing a Safe July 4th  for Your Canine Household

Download "Tips for Providing a Safe July 4th for Your Canine Household.pdf"